Sunday, September 8, 2013

Aphorisms #9-#15

More aphorisms from my .sig file:

  1. Ankh if you love Ra.

  2. Apple doesn't have many motivational speakers because, think about it: There is no I in iPad!???

  3. If the system is such that good enough isn't good enough, then the system may not be robust enough.

  4. It was predestined and foreordained that I would have presbyopia.

  5. Reality is what happens whether you believe it will or not.

  6. Some look at the dependent variable and ask y? I look at its initial value and say y0?

  7. There's the lost Taoist episode where Kirk does nothing, but the computer, knowing that Kirk destroys computers with illogic, senses that Kirk's inaction is paradoxical and then explodes.

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